Learning from the Land

Himalayan Shawl C

£ 49.00 each


This pure Himalayan wool shawl is completely unique. Each one is made by hand to traditional patterns using handspun wool and manual looms by a weaving family with three generations of experience. The handmade nature of the shawl means that every one is slightly different and a complete one-off.

The Himalayan sheep is known for being hardy and is able to withstand the most extreme conditions as it lives on the world's highest mountain range. Its wool is therefore extremely warm and is used to make blankets, shawls and fabric for outdoor clothing by the people from this region.

Learning From the Land have worked directly with the family to bring these shawls to you. By purchasing one of these shawls you are helping to keep a traditional skill alive and providing a living wage for a working family. We trade fairly and pay good rates for all our shawls. The shawls themselves are generous in size and pleasingly heavyweight, and can be used as blankets, throws or to wear over clothing. All the colours are natural wool colours and are undyed.

Dimensions: 1 metre wide x 2.2 metres long Weight: 600g (this may vary slightly as each one is unique and the wool will vary from sheep to sheep).